The Mark of Zorro (Dover Thrift Editions)

The Mark of Zorro (Dover Thrift Editions)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 048680867X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Timid Don Diego Vega grows faint at even the mention of bloodshed and would rather read poetry than defend his own honor. No one suspects that the effete aristocrat is living a double life as Zorro the fox, bold fighter of injustice, whose sword is ever ready to defend the poor and oppressed against a corrupt governor and his merciless army. Zorro's charade fools even the spirited Lolita Pulido, whose father forces her to endure the listless wooing of Don Diego while her heart belongs to the masked hero who laughs in the face of danger.
This lighthearted tale of the Robin Hood of Old California unfolds as a suspenseful romp across Los Angeles of the 1820s. Loaded with colorful characters and historic atmosphere, recounted in direct and unpretentious prose, the pulp adventure offers a winning balance of action, comedy, and romance. This edition reprints the original 1919 story, published serially as "The Curse of Capistrano," which launched the Zorro legend. Scores of sequels followed, along with movie and television versions, all inspired by this swashbuckling classic.

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before them had a black mask over his face that effectually concealed his features, and through the two slits in it, his eyes glittered ominously. “Ha! What have we here?” Gonzales gasped, finally, some presence of mind returning to him. The man before them bowed. “Señor Zorro, at your service!” he said. “By the saints! Señor Zorro, ah?” Gonzales cried. “Do you doubt it, señor?” “If you are indeed Señor Zorro, then have you lost your wits!” the sergeant declared. “What is the meaning of

and pulled up his horse. He turned the animal’s head back toward whence he had come, and bent forward in the saddle to listen. When he could hear the hoof-beats of his nearest pursuer’s horse, he drew his blade, took a turn of the reins around his left wrist, and suddenly struck his beast in the flanks cruelly with his sharp rowels. The animal he rode was not used to such treatment, never having felt the spurs except when in a gallop and his master wished greater speed. Now he sprang forward

presume you know best,” Don Diego said. “But you must remain at least until to-morrow. And now I think I shall go to the presidio and see this Captain Ramón. Possibly that will please the señorita. She appears to think I should call him to account.” Don Carlos thought that such a course would prove disastrous for a man who did not practice with the blade and knew little of fighting, but he refrained from saying so. A gentleman never intruded his own thoughts at such a time. Even if a caballero

troopers, and be sure that you search it well! I shall remain in this room and keep this entertaining fray company. I shall endeavor to discover what his sensations were while he was being whipped for swindling.” “Coward and brute!” Fray Felipe thundered. “There may come a day when persecution shall cease.” “Meal mush and goat’s milk!” “When this disorder shall end and honest men be given their just dues!” Fray Felipe cried. “When those who have founded a rich empire here shall receive the

Each man sat straight and proud in his saddle, his blade at his side, and every blade had a jeweled hilt, being at once serviceable and a rich ornament. They galloped along the face of the tavern, between the door and the soldiers who had been battering it, between the building and the governor and assembled citizens, and there they turned and stood their horses side by side, facing his excellency. “Wait! There is a better way!” their leader cried. “Ha!” screeched the governor. “I understand!

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