Suddenly Last Summer and Other Plays (Penguin Modern Classics)

Suddenly Last Summer and Other Plays (Penguin Modern Classics)

Tennessee Williams

Language: English

Pages: 177

ISBN: 0141191090

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

These three dramatic works by Tennessee Williams explore the darker side of human nature and are haunted by a sense of isolation and regret. 'Suddenly Last Summer' is the starkly told story of Catherine, who seemingly goes insane after her cousin Sebastian dies in grisly circumstances on a trip to Europe. 'The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore' is a passionate examination of a wealthy old woman as she recounts her memories in the face of death, while in 'Small Craft Warnings' a motley group of people - including a blowsy beautician, a discredited alcoholic doctor, a vulnerable waif and two gay men - sit around a seedy bar on the Californian coast, each contemplating their own desperate fate.

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merchant, thief! – But a poet’s life is his work and his work is his life in a special sense because – oh, I’ve already talked myself breathless and dizzy. [The DOCTOR offers his arm.] Thank you. DOCTOR: Mrs Venable, did your doctor okay this thing? MRS VENABLE [breathless]: What thing? DOCTOR: Your meeting this girl that you think is responsible for your son’s death? MRS VENABLE: I’ve waited months to face her because I couldn’t get to St Mary’s to face her – I’ve had her brought here to

publishers, both, have my memoirs on their Fall List. I said Fall. It’s already late in August. Now do you see why there’s no time for goofing or must I draw you a picture of autumn leaves falling? BLACKIE: Mrs Goforth, I think those publishers’ dead-lines are unrealistic, not to say cruel, and as for me, I not only have to function as a secretary but as an editor, I have to collate the material you dictate to me and I’m not being sly or cruel, I’m just being honest with you when I tell you –

an empress. [He lifts her on to the bed, and draws a cover over her.] MRS GOFORTH: Don’t leave me alone till – CHRIS: I never leave till the end. [She stretches out her blind, jewelled hand, He takes it.] MRS GOFORTH: – Not so tight, the – CHRIS: I know, the rings cut your fingers. [He draws a ring off a finger. She gasps. He draws off another. She gasps again.] MRS GOFORTH: Be here, when I wake up. [Then the STAGE ASSISTANTS place before her the bed screen with the gold-winged griffin

iniquities and duplicities of the ‘interviewer’ referred to. You say, ‘Why, that creature was so drunk he didn’t know what street I lived on, and the guy that set me up for him laced my martini with sodium pentathol, and all I remember about this occasion is that my head came off my shoulders and hit the ceiling and I heard myself babbling away like an hysteric and I hadn’t the slightest notion that he had a concealed tape recorder with him, and later he offered to play bridge with me that night,

They said you were too disturbed, and a family visit might disturb you more. But I want you to know that nobody, absolutely nobody in the city, knows a thing about what you’ve been through. Have they, George? Not a thing. Not a soul even knows that you’ve come back from Europe. When people inquire, when they question us about you, we just say that you’ve stayed abroad to study something or other. [She catches her breath.] Now. Sister? – I want you to please be very careful what you say to your

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