Memorable Days: The Selected Letters of James Salter and Robert Phelps

Memorable Days: The Selected Letters of James Salter and Robert Phelps

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 1582436053

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

James Salter had written two novels, The Hunters and The Arm of Flesh, but it was his third, remarkable novel A Sport and a Pastime, together with his film Three and a script he had written for Downhill Racer, that in 1969 elicited a letter of admiration from a writer and critic he did not know—Robert Phelps. The correspondence that resulted went on to span two decades. The letters themselves are exceptionally alive, uninhibited, gossipy, touching, and brilliant. The successes of Salter and the struggles of Phelps are fully explored by the writers themselves in an honest exchange only letters can divulge. Along with an insightful foreword by Michael Dirda, this book gives voice to a nearly forgotten figure and his friendship with a man he admired.

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Roger Straus’s attack on the Nat. Book Awards? Ballsy guy, our publisher! Luchow’s was a German restaurant on 14th Street in New York. It boasted artworks by luminaries such as Francisco Goya and remained in operation for one hundred years, before finally closing its doors after a 1982 fire. April 10 Aspen Robert, my, A great, a day-long storm of snow here. I love bad weather. That was a wonderful night at Luchow’s. Your stories pour over me; I am in a different world, one where I recognize

deceiving myself, a great mutual love, mine will last longer, I suppose—is helping me on the weekends and will be there today. Old boards, curling shavings from the plane, measurements, all in the autumn sunshine, it isn’t bad. Yvonne, I think, has gone. We had one, brief picnic with her on her plantation here, she seemed less falsely modest and concealed this year, a kind of urgent frankness was seeking to break out as if she realized time was growing shorter. She wants to sell her apartment

medications he was taking for Parkinson’s. Lady Antonia Fraser is a writer of both history and fiction and the widow of Harold Pinter. January 15 Paris Cher Robert, Nothing but difficulties here, trembling on the disastrous. Nabokov claims to be sick—I sent him a telegram saying “Suddenly I am not feeling very well myself . . . ”—and Graham Greene has seen a copy of People and decided it is not suitable, this cheap little rag, for someone of his stature. So it’s like Antonia Fraser’s story

heavy revisions to it before allowing it to be rereleased as Cassada in 2000. It was his next work, A Sport and a Pastime, published in 1967, which established Salter as a sui generis prose stylist, and two years later, after writing Downhill Racer, a film which starred Robert Redford, and directing Three, he met Robert Phelps. Salter was never again so involved in the film industry, though he did continue to write for the movies for some time afterward. In fact he was still writing them when

for Esquire for many years. James Norman Hall was the author of Mutiny on the Bounty, among other titles. Daniel Martin was a novel by John Fowles. August 11 Aspen Dear Robt, It now seems a dream, very distant and unrecoverable, something like the opening chapter of Tales of the South Pacific. We spent the last two nights in a fabulous house on top of a mountain in Tahiti, the house of James Norman Hall’s daughter and her idiot husband, that is to say boring. They weren’t there. They have

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