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The Journal of Henry David Thoreau, 1837–1861 (New York Review Books Classics)

The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)

This Side of Paradise

Trading Twelves: The Selected Letters of Ralph Ellison and Albert Murray

Giovanni's Room

Gatsby le magnifique











little. "Your attitude might almost pass for that of resignation." "I'm not resigned!" said Gordon Wright. "Of course not. But when were you refused?" Gordon stood a minute with his eyes fixed on the ground. Then, at last looking up, "Three weeks ago—a fortnight before you came. But let us walk along," he said, "and I will tell you all about it." "I proposed to her three weeks ago," said Gordon, as they walked along. "My heart was very much set upon it. I was very hard hit—I was deeply

Vivian's lodgings, Bernard found Angela there alone. She made him welcome, receiving him as an American girl, in such circumstances, is free to receive the most gallant of visitors. She smiled and talked and gave herself up to charming gayety, so that there was nothing for Bernard to say but that now at least she was off her guard with a vengeance. Happily he was on his own! He flattered himself that he remained so on occasions that were even more insidiously relaxing—when, in the evening, she

whole truth—I did!" "How did you discover it?" Gordon asked, clinging to his right of interrogation. Bernard hesitated. "You must remember that I saw a great deal of her." "You mean that she encouraged you?" "If I had not been a very faithful friend I might have thought so." Gordon laid his hand appreciatively, gratefully, on Bernard's shoulder. "And even that didn't make you like her?" "Confound it, you make me blush!" cried Bernard, blushing a little in fact. "I have said quite enough;

gratifying, and he suddenly laid down his brush. She was not pretty enough—she had a bad profile. II TWO months later Bernard Longueville was at Venice, still under the impression that he was leaving Italy. He was not a man who made plans and held to them. He made them, indeed—few men made more—but he made them as a basis for variation. He had gone to Venice to spend a fortnight, and his fortnight had taken the form of eight enchanting weeks. He had still a sort of conviction that he was

Gordon asked, thinking of something at last. "Half an hour. We came out to walk, and my mother felt tired. It is time we should turn homeward," Angela added. "Yes, I am tired, my daughter. We must take a voiture, if Mr. Longueville will be so good as to find us one," said Mrs. Vivian. Bernard, professing great alacrity, looked about him; but he still lingered near his companions. Gordon had thought of something else. "Have you been to Baden again?" Bernard heard him ask. But at this moment

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