Coming, Aphrodite

Coming, Aphrodite

Language: English

Pages: 52

ISBN: 1600962092

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Fourteen short stories from one of America's finest writers. Willa Cather was fascinated by the ruthless of nature, the brutality of mankind, and the beauty of art, all of which are evident in this richly diverse collection. Newly designed and typeset in a modern 6-by-9-inch format by Waking Lion Press.

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front porch and the parlour to the young married couple and their young friends; the old women spent most of their lives in the kitchen and pantries and back dining-room. But there they ordered life to their own taste, entertained their friends, dispensed charity, and heard the troubles of the poor. Moreover, back there it was Grandmother’s own house they lived in. Mr. Templeton came of a superior family and had what Grandmother called “blood,” but no property. He never so much as mended one of

Saturday, and that was more spending money than most boys had. They often made a few extra quarters by cutting grass for other people, or by distributing handbills. Even the disagreeable Mrs. Jackson next door had remarked over the fence to Mrs. Harris: “I do believe Bert and Del are going to be industrious. They must have got it from you, Grandma.” The day came on very hot, and when the twins got back from the Roadmaster’s yard, they both lay down on Grandmother’s lounge and went to sleep.

stood blinking, holding on to his sponge and dog-soap, feeling that he ought to bow very low to her. But what he actually said was: “Nobody has ever objected before. I always wash the tub,—and, anyhow, he’s cleaner than most people.” “Cleaner than me?” her eyebrows went up, her white arms and neck and her fragrant person seemed to scream at him like a band of outraged nymphs. Something flashed through his mind about a man who was turned into a dog, or was pursued by dogs, because he unwittingly

and they did not linger in the Square. At her door he tried none of the old devices of the Livingston boys. He stood like a post, having forgotten to take off his hat, gave her a harsh, threatening glance, muttered “goodnight,” and shut his own door noisily. There was no question of sleep for Eden Bower. Her brain was working like a machine that would never stop. After she undressed, she tried to calm her nerves by smoking a cigarette, lying on the divan by the open window. But she grew wider

awkwardly followed his example. The train stopped, and the crowd shuffled up to the express car just as the door was thrown open, the man in the G. A. R. suit thrusting his head forward with curiosity. The express messenger appeared in the doorway, accompanied by a young man in a long ulster and travelling cap. “Are Mr. Merrick’s friends here?” inquired the young man. The group on the platform swayed uneasily. Philip Phelps, the banker, responded with dignity: “We have come to take charge of

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