A Vocation and a Voice: Stories (Penguin Classics)

A Vocation and a Voice: Stories (Penguin Classics)

Kate Chopin

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0140390782

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Published for the first time as Chopin intended, this is a collection of her most innovative stories, including "The Story of an Hour," "An Egyptian Cigarette," and "The Kiss."

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her daughter or her granddaughter, Eliza—so that Kate grew up in a household of lively, independent widows. There were also young aunts and uncles, two brothers and a sister, a boarder or two, and half a dozen slaves. With her closest schoolgirl chum, Kitty Garesché, Kate shared candy and climbed trees (a mischievous pastime described in the story “Lilacs”). Passionate lovers of music and reading, Kate and Kitty read poetry together, enjoyed sentimental adventure stories, and devoured Sir Walter

beside my friend Paul. He is an idle fellow with folded hands. He laughs when I upbraid him, and bids me, with a motion, hold my peace. He is listening to a thrush’s song that comes from the blur of yonder apple-tree. He tells me the thrush is singing a complaint. She wants her mate that was with her last blossom-time and builded a nest with her. She will have no other mate. She will call for him till she hears the notes of her beloved-one’s song coming swiftly towards her across forest and

mostly set in the Cane River country of Louisiana, Bayou Folk (1894) and A Night in Acadie (1897), were acclaimed during her lifetime. But The Awakening, the story of a woman who has desires that marriage cannot fulfill, was widely condemned, and Chopin’s publisher canceled her third short-story collection, A Vocation and a Voice. Chopin died on August 22, 1904. Emily Toth is Professor of English and Director of Women’s Studies at Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Her books include two

unquestionable, whose grace and amiability made him an object of envy with the men and a creature to be worshiped by susceptible women. By contrast Ti Demon was all the more conscious of his own lurching plowman’s walk, his awkward stoop and broad heavy hands that looked as if they might do the office of sledge hammers if occasion required. The foul-smelling coal-oil lamps had been lighted in Symond’s back room when they reached there. Several men were already gathered playing cards around rude

father’s place herding cattle, breaking in colts, drinking like a fish. “I wouldn’t have such a thing on my conscience! Goodness me! I couldn’t sleep at nights if I was that girl.” Tante Elodie always listened with a sad, resigned smile. It did not seem to make any difference whether she had Gabriel or not. He had broken her heart and he was killing her. It was not his crime that had broken her heart; it was his indifference to her love and his turning away from her. It was whispered about

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